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What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is a flavoured tea based drink poured over tapioca pearls and served with ice. Invented in local tea houses in Taiwan during the 1980s, bubble teas are delicious and fun. Our beverages are non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and can be customised to have less sugar than a typical soft drink.


Bubble teas are known by many names such as boba tea, tapioca tea, pearl tea, milk tea, bubble drink and tapioca pearl drink. We offer a variety of bubble tea flavours ranging from popular classics like Mango or Strawberry, to more traditional Asian flavours like Matcha and Taro.

What are tapioca pearls?

Tapioca pearls or boba are small balls of tapioca which have a chewy texture that are added to drinks to enhance its flavour. Tapioca pearl is a starch extracted from Cassava plant which makes the pearl gluten-free and almost protein-free. We cook our tapioca fresh every day and to ensure that customers experience the highest quality of drinks possible.

What are popping boba?

Popping Boba are made from a seaweed extract with real fruit juice inside. It comes in many fruit flavours and pops in the mouth when chewed.

Is bubble tea gluten and lactose free?

All our bubble teas are completely gluten free and can be customised to be lactose free by choosing oat milk on request.

Are our drinks suitable for vegans?

Not all our bubble teas are suitable for vegans but ask our friendly staff for advice and you can enjoy one of the many that are.

What are Japanese Souffle Pancakes?

A Japanese soufflé pancake is a pancake made using soufflé techniques. Egg whites are whipped up with sugar into a glossy thick meringue, then mixed with a batter made with the yolks. Incredibly popular in Japan, Soufflé pancakes are fluffy, sweet, and delicious. Some of our customers have described them as like eating a sweet pancake cloud.

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